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Episode 10 PREVIEW Could I Have A Female Bull?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Female bull? Female lover? Girlfriend? Whatever you call it perhaps this is a good time to explore further and really indulge. David gets nervous about male lovers but for some reason (he's a heterosexual male) he isn't so concerned about a girlfriend. Perhaps he should be?

This episode isn't released until 27 March. If you want to listen to a snippet now click below.

For the full episode join my Patreon and get Early Access!

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Louis Lombardo Jr
Louis Lombardo Jr
May 05, 2021

i had to chuckle at that. See if my wife said would i mind if she spent 2 hrs in a hotel room with a woman i would say what part of forsaking all others of our vows did you not understand. Not ALL MEN ARE THE SAME JUST AS ALL WOMEN ARE NOT THE SAME. we come all shapes and sizes and beliefs..i have been married 3 times and all three wives and me enjoyed great sex with all three of them. I know my last wife being a LDS would never do that so i do thank God there are women who oppose this kind of thing. Thank you Lord

May 06, 2021
Replying to

Do you think you may be reading the wrong sort of blogs, Louis?

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