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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

What is #cuckolding? There are so many variations to choose from. Is there a correct version? Well no, #cuckolding should be very personal to you but goodness me, there are a lot of versions that do not resonate with me at all!

A Cuckoldress getting ready to go on a date night
A Cuckoldress getting ready to go on a date night

The version of #cuckolding found most easily on the net is the free porn type. Actors play the part of husband, wife, and lover (known as a #bull). Interracial sex is MASSIVE so the #bull is invariably played by a black man (also known as #BBC - as in big black cock) with the husband being white, and usually a lot smaller in every aspect. The wife is usually white, built like a porn star and enjoying herself tremendously (go girl!).

The gonzo/amateur genre of porn is more likely to be more truthful, being something that the participants are actually into rather than just the porn producers taking advantage of the highly popular #cuckolding search term.

How can we increase sales on our mediocre porn Chuck? Oh I know, we'll just rename and retag it as cuckold porn to open it up to a new market!

Cuckolding for Cash

In other areas of the internet, such as Twitter, a search on the term #cuckolding will bring up predominantly Femdoms of the Findom variety. A Findom dominates you and you pay her. This usually involves calling the guys 'losers' or 'pathetic'. It is also de rigeur to post pics showing stuck up middle fingers and snarling. Most payees used to be known as 'pay pigs', but it seems now that 'cuckolds' is a more popular version. I'm not one to knock anyone's kink, but what has that go to do with #cuckolding?

It couldn't be anything to do with '#cuckolding' or '#cuckold porn' being among the top search terms could it?

Cuckolding for Three

There is then a form of cuckolding that involves three parties as mentioned above. Wife, husband, and #bull. The husband could be just watching, or they could be involved...right up to be part of the other words...isn't that just a #threesome with two guys and one gal?

When did a #threesome become #cuckolding?

Are Husbands and Wives Compulsory in Cuckolding?

In a word. No.

It used to be, perhaps, way back when, hundreds of years ago when men and women married at 15 or 16 and unmarried women were burned as witches and unmarried men were widowers looking for a new wife. Maybe. This is when a cuckold was a man whose wife had strayed and he was humiliated by friends and neighbours.

How interesting then that at some point it was women who were solely shamed for being an adulteress in Puritanical communities (the man not also being stripped naked, branded, and dragged behind carts to shame her before visiting all the surrounding villages so hypocrites could throw rotten food and worse).

The point being here, that we're not married so much now, so a significant other is good enough. Wedding rings are not compulsory at all.

Cuckolding Is For Women

In my book, and my blog, #cuckolding is a gift given by husbands (or SOs) to their woman, and she enjoys it how she wants, as she wants, when she wants.

#Cuckolding is what women do. Not men. So women should be able to take the lead, make the decisions, and decide what part of her sexual experience she wishes to share with who, and when, and what.

For further resources on #cuckolding that resonate with me please go to my Resources page. Enjoy! :)

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