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Episode 18 - Outed By The Ex, What Did The Judge Say?

Several years ago, my husband’s ex-wife discovered who I was and what I did. It wasn’t that she was horrified, she wasn’t, she was very familiar with Mistresses having watched several films from The English Mansion when with him.

Me being depraved

She wasn’t horrified, or concerned, or worried at all. She was delighted.

Let’s call her Karen. Karen was delighted because Karen decided she wanted her new partner, a local and very recent widower at least 20 years older than her, to be the children’s new daddy. David, my husband, was surplus to requirements, and apart from paying child maintenance was just not necessary anymore.

  • Karen enrolled their son in a new school with consulting his father.

  • Karen prevented us from collecting the children from school on our court-appointed days.

  • Karen stopped the children from Facetiming with their dad.

  • Karen would search the children's phones looking for anything she could use against us.

  • Karen allowed her new partner to subject the children to emotional abuse by not preventing him from calling their father abusive names.

Karen had already spat a few cryptic sentences at my husband, which made him wonder if she knew something, but that only became clear after the events that followed.

After a visit from the children, and upon hearing their upset and anger at hearing the abuse that the boyfriend, a foul-mouthed, much older man, repeated in front of two very upset children, we consulted with our solicitor. David’s solicitor wrote to Karen to advise her that she had a choice, either prevent this emotional abuse or ask her partner to leave the family home.

That is when the shit hit the fan. Big time.

The first thing Karen did, after rubbing her eyes with raw onion was to call David’s father, a bigot extraordinaire who revealed himself to be racist, sexist, and homophobic, within an hour of meeting him (which is some ways is quite spectacular!). An upstanding pillar of the community, a man who cheated on David’s mother with various women, sometimes singularly, sometimes simultaneously, but fancied himself as a moral guardian and all round know it all. Karen knew exactly what she was letting off.

“Oh! Oh! What about my children, are they safe around her!? Oh! Oh! Oh Barreeeeeeeeee what shall I do?”

The resulting explosion was betrayal, estrangement, a re-writing of his will and having to deal with solicitors and ultimately the family court. David and I were confidently likened to Fred and Rose West. Yes, them.

David was ‘a monster’. I was ‘a paedophile who was brainwashing David so I could groom the children.

The bigot’s wife called David’s mother (yes, the woman whose husband she had an affair with) to warn her it ‘was only a matter of time before the children would appear in my perverted films’.

That was several years ago.

Listen to my podcast to find out more and what you need to know before Social Services come knocking.

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1 Comment

Louis Lombardo Jr
Louis Lombardo Jr
Aug 07, 2021

i listened to your podcast.i felt real bad and still do feel bad that you and your husband are going thru this. You two have been on my my mind and heart and have prayed for both of you and will continue to pray for you both. i have just by listening to all your podcasts grown close to you both and am fond of you 2. God Bless you both and stay strong as you have me on your corner.

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