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Episode 3: The New Chastity Device

I remember the first time I saw a chastity device. A past boyfriend was really into #chastity and he brought his CB3000 with an additional component known as Points of Intrigue.

I was quite intrigued! Men bought these? Men wore these? How much!?

I was not at all convinced. How on earth do you stay clean whilst wearing a contraption like this for several days or weeks? Penises are not always the cleanest of extremities, so to add to that difficulty seemed very peculiar to me.

My boyfriend assured me that cleanliness wasn't an issue and that it was all a splendid thing to do and I wouldn't regret it. Hmm... Sure enough, I soon found out the tremendous benefits of chastity! My boyfriend became more attentive, more affectionate, and when he was eventually released it was like an animal coming out of a cage.

So many years later, when I discovered my fiance was also a fan of chastity, I jumped at it. But I soon grew tired of the device itself. What if the kids accidentally saw it? What if he had an accident and ended up in A&E? So we tried honour based chastity. If you NEED a device to remain chaste, why are you into #chastity? Surely, if you enjoy the benefits of #chastity, you can refrain from sneaky masturbation?

For all of our relationship, my husband has been in honour based chastity...and yes, I do absolutely trust him. I would know. I always know. It's remarkable how a man's demeanor is changed so much by when he last ejaculated. But then I found an old CBT toy of mine. A Crown of Thorns. A stainless steel ring that fits below the corona, with 6 screws, turned by an allen key, until the screws touch skin.

To find out more about how these work listen to our #podcast below.

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