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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

My husband loves it when I call him a #cuckold, or my cuckold. But he knows I say it because I love him and I know what a thrill it gives him. But what about when others call him a cuckold or refer to him as a cuckold? Why would it be any different?

cuckoldress and cuckold
With my cuckold

Cuckold Porn

Have a look at cuckold porn on the websites and tell me that cuckolds are not consistently portrayed as lesser men.

  • Men with dicklets.

  • Men that cannot please their woman.

  • Pathetic losers.

  • Men who are degraded and jeered at.

Some Cuckolds Love Degradation

Look, some guys get off on that. They love degradation. They may even like a bit of humiliation from the #Bull who represents everything that they are not. But not all men. Not my husband.

My husband is an alpha male when it counts, and he can stand up for himself and protect me from harm. He isn’t a loser or pathetic. He just has a kink. He is incredibly turned on by the thought of me being with other men. He enjoys watching me when I flirt. He enjoys seeing other men looking at me. His stomach flips over and ties up in knots even at the thought of me kissing another man.

But Not All Cuckolds

Not all cuckolds see themselves as porn portrays them. My experience so far is that budding Bulls assume that they are going to fill a hole that my husband can’t. Yes, pun intended. At some point in the future my Bulls will meet my cuckold so there needs to be much respect given. Nobody dominates my husband but me. Nobody uses degrading language around me. Nobody disrespects my husband.

Why Become a Cuckoldress?

So why am I so interested in becoming a Cuckoldress, if my husband isn’t deficient?

Good question, but come on, think about it. My husband is absolutely fine with me indulging in other men. What woman wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I get what I want from other men, and my husband is thrilled and excited to see me enjoy myself.

I can have a loving, supportive relationship at home and I can have hot, sweaty sex with whichever lover I choose to be with.

Although my husband enjoys denial, because it increases his submission which he also loves, we still have a sex life together which will no doubt become more intense once this dratted pandemic eases off and stops this state of frustrating limbo.

Until I can tease him, gently, or with a barb or two, with actual details of real-life encounters, I will continue to whisper in his ear that he is my cuckold…and I’ll enjoy the look of conflict between dread and excitement that this single word can stir up in him.

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your a cruel woman. To deny him sex and intimacy and a connection and affection is just downright cruel to do your life Partner and it is unhealthy for a husband-mental health and i checked this one out with a professional and a form of abuse-mental abuse and emotional abuse that could result in real damage to your it is also alienation of affection. In your writings i gathered your a dominate partner-you must be a alpha female-not appealing at all

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Anna Hardwood
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