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Married To A Professional Mistress

It's every submissive man's dream. Every fetishists desire. Married to a Mistress! Or is it?

  • Free sessions whenever you want

  • Surrounded by rubber and leather

  • Handcuffed to a radiator all day, every day except Sundays

Er, nope!

I interview (I say interview, he never stops talking!) my husband to find out what his earliest recollections of female domination are, how his first fetishes manifested, and how eventually he ended up married to a professional mistress. Me!

But is it as fantastic as a sub man with fetishes thinks it is? And when did the cuckolding come into our relationship?

Is a Female Led Relationship all it is cracked up to be?

Listen to our podcast below

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2 komentarze

Listening to your hubby talk about embarking on finding somebody to embrace his fetishes and submissivness with, at that point in his life - has really struck a chord. Thanks for doing these!

20 lip 2021
Odpowiada osobie:

We’re so relieved that everyone loves our podcasts and gets something from them, whatever it is.

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