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Monogamy, & Are Stags Just Insecure Cuckolds?

David and I discussed monogamy and wondered if it was just a fantasy that couples pretend is realistic. How practical is monogamy, and are we supposed to be monogamous, anyway?

Isn’t modern life the enemy of monogamy? How are you supposed to be sexually faithful to just one person when by the time you get to the privacy of bedtime you are often sick of the sight and sound of each other?

Modern life is becoming more and more stressful as we navigate the demands of:

  • parenthood

  • employment

  • sorting out the utility bills

  • tax returns

  • and everything else that sucks any surplus energy from our very souls

And jealousy. The green eyed monster that feeds off our insecurities and reminds us of why we are not as desirable or as sexual as everyone else seems to be.

Is it possible to enjoy additional sexual partners outside the marriage that are by design, and planning, never to infringe on the familial and fiscal unit created and enjoyed by the two spouses? I’m not talking about swinging, I mean a society that accepts couples need more than one sexual partner. Is it time to be adult about sex?

But jealousy. It would take an enormous amount of emotional maturity to handle the needs of individual personalities, never mind the fallout when things don’t quite go to plan. How much information should be shared to fully inform the other spouse to ensure transparency?

It must always be in the back of a cuckold’s mind that his wife may just prefer the company and lifestyle of her bull.

It is understandable that many cuckolds want to be present when their wife plays with her bull. But how much of that motivation comes from the insecurity of not knowing what exactly is going on, and what is being said?

Therefore, is a stag just an insecure cuckold?

Listen to our podcast below as we discuss these questions, and David wonders if he could have a sexual partner too.

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Louis Lombardo Jr
Louis Lombardo Jr
Jun 07, 2021

You expect your spouse to do something you yourself are not capable of doing, When i was in the Navy i learned something very valuable as a leader i was expected to do the job of those I lead and how can i tell another man to do what i myself would not be capable of doing myself. You criticize someone for which you most likely are not capable of doing yourself.See i read about the subject matter of this lifestyle since I advocate against it and i should be educated on the subject of which i advocate against. Cuckolding is a unfair activity as you get your cake and eat it too. the analogy is this. husband and wif…

Anna Hardwood
Anna Hardwood
Jun 16, 2021
Replying to

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