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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Yeah, I know, not another OnlyFans! ​ If you have listened to any of our podcasts you will know that I love to tease my husband. ​I love to give him verbal zingers to make him stop, gulp, and tie himself up in knots processing what I have just said. Our OnlyFans will form a visual representation of our podcast and our adventures. We will cover:

  • Cuckolding

  • Chastity

  • Female Led Relationship

For months now I have been playing with Snapchat, making little videos, and sending them to him. ​Love notes by any other name but with a cuckolding flavour. Themes include:

  • How to be a good cuckold

  • Hi Honey, I've been thinking...

  • Hi Honey, you'll never guess what he is doing to me now...

  • Messages to my Bulls

I have also been sending him screenshots of ​my text conversations with prospective bulls. I am happy to share them, and his angst, with you. Created to explore our fantasies and gently push against our comfort zones, this content is created with a view that if we aren't doing it now, we can try it on, try it out, and maybe indulge in the future. This content isn't just for the boys. I really hope that ladies (and couples) can enjoy our dynamic and feel inspired to tease and torment their husbands too. So I have already started producing:

  • Tips for Temptresses

...and much much more! I've been a professional dominatrix since 2005, and in a FLR marriage since 2013. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience I would love to share with you.

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1 Comment

Louis Lombardo Jr
Louis Lombardo Jr
Jun 28, 2021

Thank you Anna. i love your Podcasts, your one of my favorite people. your a joy to listen to.


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