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The Cuckoldress Podcast is on YouTube!

The Cuckoldress Podcast is on YouTube!

YouTube? But You Have a Podcast!

Yes! But YouTube is the SECOND BIGGEST MOST POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE on the internet so we are having ourselves some of that reach!

It's all about the exposure, and getting the word out about this fantastic lifestyle choice. We want to build a grown up community of advocates for cuckolding and educate the world that cuckolding is a lifestyle choice for loving married couples and not just another 'jumping on the bandwagon' search term on a grotty porn site. Cuckolding is about women empowering themselves by enjoying their own sexuality, and sharing it with others, not women providing their bodies for male fantasies about stealing wives from their husbands, or breeding, or other made up penis-centric nonsense. Cuckoldresses are taking cuckolding back! Click here to see our playlists. ​

Click here to see our YouTube channel...

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