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Yes!! I'm in the top 5%!

According to Buzzsprout (my podcast host) my podcast is in the top 5% of all podcasts! How exciting is that? Not bad for a brand new podcast with only 6 published episodes.

The Cuckoldress Podcast stats
I'm in the top 5%! Look!

I was having a look around Buzzsprout's blog and I found a post/episode that helped you find out if you were in the top 50% of Buzzsprout podcasts.

Top 5% of podcasts
I'm in the top 5% of podcasts!

I'm better than in the top 50%, I am in the top 5%!

Wow, #cuckolding must really be something, huh? Either everyone wants to know about the cuckolding lifestyle, or a few people who already know about it are ravenous for more information, ALL the information.

What does this mean then?

Well, it's not the top 5% of all podcasts, it's the top 5% of podcasts hosted on Buzzsprout. Hey, still not a mean feat because Buzzsprout is one of the top podcast hosting platforms.

It means that this podcast is going to be bigger than I imagined.

At the moment, I have only 6 published episodes. My next target is the top 1% but I'm going to have to be very patient because my podcast has only been published for 6 weeks and I need a lot more published episodes to get anywhere near the top tier.

Are there more episodes?

The good news is that I have more episodes coming. There are two that are available soon...unless you are one of my patrons in which case you can listen to those straight away. One of the patron benefits is Early Access. Be the first to hear my latest exploits.

Click the red button to see my patron benefits and support my podcast.

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