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Hi! I'm Anna

Why would a happily married mature woman decide to become a Cuckoldress? Great question! My answer is why not? 

I value my marriage, I love my husband, and I enjoy our life together. Shouldn't that be enough? My answer is why should it be? Why can't I have more? Especially when it is with my husband's blessing. Especially when my husband is incredibly turned on at the thought of me having regular raunchy sex with a strange man, or two...or three!  

I can have my cake and I can eat it too. I can eat lots of cakes. I can go out, eat some cake, and then come home to the loving embrace of my husband. 

Wouldn't you agree that a sexually empowered woman should be able to enjoy her developing sexuality?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Contact me using the form below, or click on the tab on the right to leave me a voicemail. 

If you contact me via voicemail I reserve the right to use it during one of my podcasts


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