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Chastity Calls to my Sissy Cuckold

All cuckolds should be chaste. It's like champagne and strawberries. They go perfectly together.

Why would I want a pathetic skin tag in me? I wouldn't. Especially when I have my choice of cock.

More than that though a cuckold in chastity is a much more compliant and well behaved cuckold, especially when it's been sissyfied.

When I go out to play with other men, whether that be my lover, my collared slave, my friends on a sexy night out, or any other man I choose to play or spend time, I love to leave my cuckold suffering with his little locked up erection in his cesspit of cuckold angst.

To make matters much more intense I love leaving him chained, suffering, unable to even get to his little willy for a wank. Of course he isn't allowed to do that, he is chaste to me.

But more than that I always dress him up in girly uniform or dowdy female cleaners attire. Buttoned up nice and tight so that he (or I should say she) is as restricted and uncomfortable as possible. Of course she knows that the last view I see of her, before I see my man waiting, will be a humiliated, degraded, sissy cuckold. She knows that my man waiting will be dressed as smart and pleasing for me as possible. Not like her!

But then I hardly want to see her face do I?

She must wear a rubber female mask. She must have her real identity taken away. After all who wants to see a worried cuckold's face when they leave for a night with another man?

She can't take her mask off of course. Even if she could reach the mask, which she can't because she is ALWAYS handcuffed securely, then the little holes at the back of her head aren't laced up, they are locked with a series of padlocks. Now of course that would be unsightly, that's why she must always wear a wig. A nice smart bob. I might even fasten a plastic rain hood over her head to make sure it never falls off. Then of course if I'm feeling especially cruel then there is always the cage to pop her in. A steel cage (puppy cage) with a big steel secure padlocked locked onto it.

Sometimes I’ll add a securely locked steel helmet over her mask to add additional torment and suffering.

Now, how could I rub even more cuckold angst in? Well I can tell you. I send her messages now and again on her little basic phone. She can't call me back or text back i) because that would lead to intense punishment and neglect of her and ii) because she has no credit on her phone lol.

So I decided to put together a series of some of the chastity calls that I send her mixed in with some recordings of how I leave her dressed up and chained up on her own.

I love to make her as insecure as possible. As scared as possible. As worried as possible. As jealous as possible. I have rules. She will live by my rules. 24/7 is one of those rules.

Sometimes I'm nice, sometimes I'm cruel. It doesn't matter, I'll shrink that little thing and it will never be a use to a woman ever again.

Category: CHASTITY Related Categories: FEMDOM POV, FEMDOM, PVC-VINYL, CHASTITY MALE, CUCKOLDING. Keywords: cuckold, femdom, caged, cuckolding, domination, cheating, cuckoldress, mistress, chastity, sissy, mask, pvc, masking, emotional masochism. Price: $ 12.99 USD Length: 12 minutes Size: 3267 MB Format: MP4 Resolution: 1920x1080 Added: 3/30/23 10:11AM

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