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Consequences For My Sissy Cuckold

I love to make my cuckold jealous. I find it funny and I know that whilst it hurts him terribly I know that it's good for him as a cuckold and as a submissive. I want you to put yourself now as my cuckold and my submissive husband.

Watch a recording I did him to watch over and over again around the subject of why I love to make him feel the pain of jealousy and also what the consequences are for him if he shows any negative signs of the jealousy I inflict and impose on him.

I've added in to this film a video I did of him whilst he is left alone, all on his own, whilst I leave him to spend time with other men.

Dressed as my sissy cuckold slut. Handcuffed, chained, caged, buttoned up in PVC/vinyl, masked, gagged under the mask, wigged.

So of course I shouldn't call my cuckold him should I. I call him 'her'. My sissy cuckold slut. Locked up whilst I leave.

I know that the worst threat to her, should she show signs of jealousy, are to simply get closer to my collared slave, my lover, my submissives.

The more he shows signs of jealousy, the more time I spend away with other men. Really simple.

Watch this now and I want you to put yourself behind the mask, behind bars, handcuffed, left alone whilst you deal with the angst of losing me.

Category: CUCKOLDING Related Categories: SISSY TRAINING, SISSY SLUTS, CROSSDRESSER BONDAGE, MASK FETISH, CHEATING. Keywords: cuckold, femdom, emotional masochism, cuckolding, domination, milf, cuckoldress, pvc, chastity, sissy, mask, bondage, masking, caged. Price: $ 11.99 USD Length: 8 minutes Size: 94 MB Format: MOV Resolution: 960x540 Added: 3/30/23 08:45AM

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