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Episode 11: Teasing My Cuckold - Part 1

Being a cuckold isn't just knowing about, or watching, your wife having sex with #bulls. It's about being teased and dominated by your wife when she returns home, thoroughly satisfied and glowing, after seeing her lovers.

Not just verbal teasing though. Oh no, that is painful, but not painful enough. A cuckold should also be shown what he is being denied.

The cuckold gets to see the ordinary, everyday, basic underwear. The

  • sexy

  • silky

  • strappy

  • slinky

  • satiny

underwear should be saved for his wife's lovers.

The lace and the ribbons are not for him.

But the cuckold should play a part in all the sexy underwear and toys, the cuckold should pay for them. Not from the joint ban account, from his account, or from the additional wages that he earns just to help finance his wife's extra marital activities.

Listen below as I tease my husband.

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Louis Lombardo Jr
Louis Lombardo Jr
Jun 29, 2021

i listened to this again. i enjoyed this a great deal-the interaction of you both is enjoyable. nice to see your two have a great chemistry


Louis Lombardo Jr
Louis Lombardo Jr
Jun 07, 2021

I give thanks to God i have never knew a woman such as you and ,married to one as well.Thank you Lord for your Grace in my life

Anna Hardwood
Anna Hardwood
Jun 16, 2021
Replying to

Thanking your god for all the lovely cocks

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