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Episode 7: Why Is Choosing the Right Bull So Important?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Choosing the right bull for your dynamic is undoubtedly extremely important for many reasons. The last thing that any couple wants to deal with is the fallout from choosing the wrong person who is so unsuitable that it causes major problems and misunderstandings. So what are we talking about?

  1. Trust and discretion

  2. Respect for the marriage

  3. Understanding our particular dynamic and not just assuming and following what mainstream porn clumsily thinks cuckolding is.

Searching During Lockdown

Lockdown has made searching slower, but the extra time has given plenty of opportunity to find out the prospective bulls’ suitability. Whereas before lockdown I may have met up with a prospect for a quick drink, now I am relying on apps.

The process so far has been:

  1. Online dating site

  2. Kik

  3. Snapchat

Each stage involves filtering out the unsuitable, the immature, and the crass.

Now that conversation has become more intimate on Snapchat, some pre-meet play can start. Using Snapchat means I can check how trustworthy they are because if they take a screenshot of my pics or conversation, I will know, Snapchat will tell me. I can choose to be more explicit or be more personal about myself, knowing that it deletes all chat after 24 hours.

Including My Cuckold

Part of the play is for the bulls to send messages to my cuckold, including him in this pre-meet play, so that I can tease him. Seeing their chat with me with his own eyes is just another nail in the cuckold coffin.

Yes, it is going to happen. These guys want to meet me, touch me, smell me, fuck me. What do you think about that, husband?

It’s clear as well from the messages that the bulls need to understand the dynamic. It isn’t for them to talk directly to my cuckold and tell him what he deserves. That teasing is for me. They can help me produce the tease, but they can’t deliver it. My cuckold does not submit to my bull. My cuckold has no relationship with my bulls.

Conversation with my bull
Conversation with my bull

But this can all be easily ironed out and understood before we even meet up, so that everyone is happy, and peace will reign whilst I get everything I want.

Listen to our podcast below to find out how my cuckold feels about it all.

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