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Episode 10: Can You Have A Female Bull?

Cuckolding is a very stereotypical triptych. The central image is the woman. The wife. The long term partner or spouse of the man that appears in one of the supporting images. The third image, the other side of the central image is the #bull. The lover. The other man.

The questions flow:

  • Why does the bull have to be a man?

  • Can the wife's lover be another woman?

  • Would the dynamic be affected, in any way, either positively or negatively, because the lover is not another man?

  • Is the threat (and/or thrill) any less? Or more?

As a not entirely straight woman, I had to ask the question to my #cuckold to find out how he would view the atypical arrangement if I decided to possibly indulge some more in my pursuit of extramarital sex.

Would a female lover be a threat to his marriage and therefore a source of cuckold angst? Or would a woman be less of a threat to his masculinity and thus no cause of concern?

Listen below to our discussion on the pros and cons of choosing a female lover instead of a typical #bull.

You can listen to my other podcasts here.

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